Tuesday, October 02, 2007

1-2-3-4 Dance

So I get into the car after a meeting and the clock says "12:34", and I become acutely aware of how much I miss my girls (all three are in school now during the day). They have this delightful practice of, whenever anyone realizes that it has turned "12:34", doing the "1-2-3-4 Dance". It consists of simply stopping whatever you're doing, hopping to your feet (if necessary), and performing any combination that feels good of shaking your hips, bouncing up and down, and swinging your feet and/or arms. It lasts until, you guessed it, "12:35". The pure joy and infectious radiance of their countenances is manna from heaven. As I remember that I'm in the car, I'm struck by how deeply spiritual this act is - talk about "living in the moment". For that minute, nothing exists but the dance and the happiness it brings. Next time, I hope I have the courage to pull-over and dance.


EFGirls said...

stop!!don't publish that kind of stuff to public internet any one could see!! So mom STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Althea said...

Great work.