Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh Bossy, How Do I Envy Thee... Let Me Count the Ways

This will only be funny if you're me; or..., if, like me, you just came off of a 72-hour Bossy marathon, but even then, probably still only funny to me. Oh well, for everyone else, here's something funny for you to watch

For me, enjoy...

1. At least Bossy's backyard weeds flora bloom.

Of course, not all of my yard is weeds.

2. My pj's are typically whatever clothes I pass out in (notice dress socks, leftover from a meeting the other day). And yes, that is a Charlotte Hornets t-shirt, just to date myself (and my wardrobe) a bit.
3. Walking down my hallway at any hour of the day yields a choice between dodging piles of clothing on their third day of strike and dog toys.

4. My husband was also a rock star when he was younger.

5. My cultural background is Southern - all the guilt, none of the beseder holidays.

6. While I have a great sense of humor, not much of it is original - I have to steal blog ideas from Bossy!

7. It's hard to have "stretched arm photo taking skillz" when all your strength goes into holding the battery compartment closed on your 2.0 mp hand-me-down (and yes, it's my first digital camera). Though, I do live in the same town as Elizabeth Edwards.

8. I don't even have shutters.
9. My dog has the right coloring, but lacks the gi-normousness of Bossy's.

Also, I can't get her to strike the same adorable sleep poses as Bossy's deer dog.

10. All my quirky 80's music

[had to do it]

is trapped on cassettes somewhere in the vast wasteland that is my attic. Though I did manage (God bless i-Tunes) to download a fun tribute song:

11. Try as I might, I just can't refer to myself in the third person!

12. My hair challenge? The EXACT opposite of "embracing my inner curl."

13. My photoshop skills consist of open file, crop, save, exit...

14. Bossy's husband doesn't have anything to fear from my garden.

Unless there's such a thing as "okra envy"?!

15. The only time I've seen the wee hours of the morning, is when I've stayed up way too late free-basing youTube videos - thanks Nathan.

16. I completely missed the Little People, Big World marathon.

p.s. any plans for one last college tour - Southern style?!!


BOSSY said...

Bossy is so honored. Your dress socks and Okra trump broken Orecks and orange shutters any day.

BH said...

Hey! Isn't that Okra Winfrey

Debbie in NC said...

Popped over from Foolery when I saw you blew kisses to Bossy when she blew threw NC. So did I!

First NC blogger I've found :) Yeah! I'm over in the Triad where it is currently sprinkling rain so heading your way LOL.

I loved this post and I'm A LOT more like you than I am Bossy! You mentioned if you have time..check my "attic" post LOL

I'll be back!!

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