Thursday, January 24, 2008


I like questions. I find myself asking more and more of them. My most enjoyable questions are those directed at me - taking a second look at things I thought I'd "known" for a long time. In that process, I'm working hard to abate my natural tendency to rush in with an answer, and just sit with the uncertainty for a while. Pema Chodron (watch the interview) tells us that's the space from which actual transformation is possible, and I've experienced it, but don't have words for it yet. Questions have never been more important.
"...the most important question facing us at this uncertain juncture in the history of human civilization is whether or not we can begin to ask the correct questions soon enough to halt the deadly consequences of asking the wrong ones for so long. Or perhaps, more accurately, it is important to ask not which questions are right or which are wrong, but rather which are relevant to the healthy and hopeful survival of humanity at this time - because, of course, some of the most destructive questions we have ever asked of one another concern what is right and what wrong." -Bahiyyih Nakhjavani, Asking Questions: A Challenge to Fundamentalism, pg. 4-5.


Asthamgirl said...

I love a good question. However, your laundry photo terrified me.

MamaMo said...

That's what a family of five will get ya!