Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can I Brag?

Well, I'm fairly new to this whole blogging thing, and I'm not quite sure if there's an unspoken etiquette on posting, but I simply must do a little bragging about my wonderful husband.

We don't really "do" holidays or anniversaries or anything, we don't observe them, we never buy gifts or cards, but after almost 13 years of marriage, we do still call each other daily to say "I love you." Needless to say, I was quite surprised last Tues. when Kamyar brought up the issue of Valentine's Day approaching. He asked if I had any plans or thoughts about it, to which I replied, of course, "No." Then he shared that, since we never go out for such things, wouldn't it be nice, if we offered to child-sit for another couple, so that they could have a night together? My heart melted instantly as I was reminded why I love this man so dearly.

There are few gifts which can top getting to make that phone call to friends offering a night out as a couple. They were thrilled - they were planning to go out for dinner as a family, but were thankful for the chance to go to their favorite Thai restaurant - which the kids do not enjoy. Their kids came over and had a great time with our kids, the two hours flew by way too fast, and it was joyous to be a part of such a wonderful win, win, win situation.

Thank you, my love, for being you and for loving me so deeply.


Ok, Where Was I? said...

You guys are so sweet!

Christine said...

That is awesome! I think we'll do that next year, too.

BTW, you keep stealing my thoughts and posting MY comments at Bossy's place before I get a chance to. How DO you do it?