Monday, February 25, 2008

Inspiration for the Week

"When I say it's you I like, I'm talking about that part of you
that knows that life is far more than anything you can ever
see or hear or touch. That deep part of you that allows you
to stand for those things without which
humankind cannot survive.
Love that conquers hate,
peace that rises triumphant over war,
and justice that proves more powerful than greed."
Mister Fred Rogers

p.s. if you're in need for a good, heart-warming cry, here it is.


Ok, Where Was I? said...

Mr. Rogers was awesome. I remember the daytime emmys the year that he died. I was driving to Illinois from Florida with a toddler and a jack russell. We got into the hotel room, and I was about to peel my contacts off my eyes, when I heard the tv over my shoulder doing its tribute. I immediately started crying (I'm sure it had nothing to do with my being alone with a crazed toddler and dog and still having one more day to go in the car when we woke up) and then completely shocked to see that all the celebs they went to in the audience were simply smiling or talking to their companion, completely dry eyed. In particular, I remember Kelly Rippa and stood there thinking, she has kids! She should be crying.

MamaMo said...

Just the mention of his name brings me to tears - what an amazing human being.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

Yes, in response to one of your comments, you should snag some of those memes. Your comments crack me up, and so I need to come over here and learn some weird things about you.