Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This Just In...

So, two weeks ago, my computer melted - actually, just one of the USB port cables did, but the whole computer "died". Luckily, one of my friends loaned me an old laptop, say "Hi!"
so I could at least get on-line to order some new computer parts and check a few blogs. But for some reason, this snarky little computer wouldn't even let me view my blog, much less post to it. I have my "new" old computer back finally, so I thought I'd catch you up on what you missed during the down time.

We were visited by royalty (happens frequently), this time by the Queen of (and I kid you not) "Chenaeiouyrda" [that's pronounced chi-na-ra, sort of]
Went to the local Rescue Squad open house and got to pretend we had broken our leg at a football game!
Got dressed up to go worship and eat a fantastic meal
at the local Hindu temple.
Celebrated a birthday - OMG Faith is 12!!(and, yes, that IS a chemistry set she's so excited to receive;
apparently my "nerd gene" is dominant - YES!!!!!)

Had a homemade brownie & lemonade stand
...and ate some profits
...and donated a snack to the renovation efforts at a
neighborhood arts camp.
FINALLY cleaned some space in the garage to unleash our creative spirit.
I missed Mrs. G's open house (boo hoo), though I did bake some bread for the event (actually cheated and bought "par-baked" bread from Whole Foods and just gave it the last 12 minutes of baking for crispiness).
Had a great time eating watermelon at the Race Unity Picnic.
Went to an AMAZING gospel choir concert and got spiritually refreshed (I'm still floating!)
Had a momenatry lapse of sanity and adopted two guinea pigs - whaaaa!!
Hope you're having a fantastic summer too!!


Tootsie Farklepants said...

I could never be trusted to man a brownie and lemonade stand. I'd be all, nothing to see here people just a lady having a large snack.

Mary Alice said...

That looks like the perfect summer y'all are having.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

Love the post. How awesome that your girl is so thrilled with a chemistry set!

Debbie said...

My goodness have you been busy! I was tired from just reading. I forgot how life was with small children :) Hectic and wonderful!!

Lemonade stands will never go out of style, thank God :)

foolery said...

You make such beautiful children, MamaMo. :)