Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I've still got it. You'd think after this many years of real life, I'd have lost my "edge", but listening to Hillary Clinton's speech last night confirmed it -- I remain a hopeless idealist. I actually found myself in tears throughout most of it.

Now, I'm a staunch "Independent", so this post isn't about politics, it's about hope. I know that sounds corny, but welling up from deep inside me is the hope we will (and the belief we can) collectively create the kind of community that nurtures each individual's capacity then harnesses it through service to the community. We must. I'm reminded of my favorite Bill Clinton quote, "There's nothing wrong with America, that can't be fixed by what is right with America."

Jesus wasn't kidding when he promised the "meek shall inherit the earth." Evidence abounds. "The world in the past has been ruled by force, and man has dominated over women by reason of his more forceful and aggressive qualities both of body and mind. But the balance is already shifting -- force is losing its weight and mental alertness, intuition, and the spiritual qualities of love and service, in which woman is strong, are gaining ascendancy. Hence the new age will be an age, less masculine, and more permeated with the feminine ideals -- or, to speak more exactly, will be an age in which the masculine and feminine elements of civilization will be more evenly balanced." ('Abdu'l-Bahá, 1912)

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Mrs. G. said...

Hillary rocked that room!

apathy lounge said...

Hillary did rock. And her message was clear. It's not about anyone but America. And which American do you want? McCain's? Or Obama's. 'Cause those are the choices. I'm all about the Obama.