Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

There's so much talk of change, and now even events that have us reflecting (I hope) on things we've just routinely accepted. So I thought I'd jump on this whole "change" bandwagon, embrace the spirit of the age and... get a haircut! (baby steps...)

Though my original hairstyle was highly versatile:

I'm really enjoying the new look:

What have you changed lately? (meaningful or superficial)


Mrs. G. said...

You look great!

Vered - MomGrind said...

I like your new haircut. It flatters your face.

I haven't changed anything in ages. Maybe I should dye my hair platinum blond haha now THAT would be a change. :)

emily said...

i like your hair!

What have I changed?

I bought new makeup after uploading an image to and playing with the colors online :) I wore the makeup to story time at the library and one of the moms didn't recognize me ... "no, it's me, the one who usually has the baby in the black swing .."