Friday, March 28, 2008

Fav. Foto Friday

We had a lovely hike and picnic today
right next to this
with this view
Wish you could have joined us!


Rachel said...

Well...I would be the only one in the picture, mid-chew, NOT smiling! Great pictures, and fun day!

foolery said...

Looks lovely. Wasn't warm enough for a picnic here today -- isn't this supposed to be warm California?

Tishy said...

I saw your comment on Derfwad. I had never ever heard of anyone else on the planet eating peanut butter and mayo other than my dad. His are always triple decker. He says that the mayo doesn't squish out that way. I have eaten them but not my favorite. He also eats it on crackers.

Mrs. G. said...

Me too. It looks like a lot of fun!