Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kitchen Math

plus this(saute in a little olive oil: one large onion chopped,
3 stalks celery chopped, 4 sausages (sweet or hot Italian)
with meat squeezed out if the casing)

equals - YUM-A-LICIOUS!(of course, if you have a vegetarian-of-sorts in your house, you may want to set aside a small pot of the bean soup and add the sauteed onion and celery mixture BEFORE you add the sausage to be cooked - and of course, you MUST use a separate spoon to stir the veggie soup, because if the spoon that has touched soup that has sausage in it is used to stir the "veggie" soup, that soup becomes contaminated and inedible)

unfortunately, Elle wasn't able to finish her 4th bowl.

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foolery said...

I make something similar, and it's a family favorite. Unfortunately, I get so carried away putting good stuff in it that the stock pot is almost FULL by the time I'm done, and we are a family of four. Two little ones. That means we're eating bean soup for days, and we DON'T USE BEAN-O, if you know what I mean. I often regret it.

Think I'll make some this weekend.