Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Women's Prayers for Peace

Given the proximity of Mother's Day to Memorial Day, I've been reflecting lately [see quotes below] on what one mom (this mom) might be able to actually DO to further the cause of peace. I've decided that, for now, I'll encourage the women I know to join me in an exercise of positive intentions. I invite YOU to join me in honoring all those who have served and sacrificed for their country (ALL countries -- but here are the stats on some of America's fallen; this doesn't include the current war, which can be found here and Iraqi casualties are currently over 50,000), by praying for peace.
For the next 5 Tuesdays (May 20 thru June 17), let's take a few moments in the beginning of our day to remember/pray/meditate/reflect on peace. I'll be inviting friends to join me at my home at 8:00am Tuesdays, and though you may not be able to be here physically, you are certainly welcome to join us spiritually. Soon I'll post a link to a lovely collection of interfaith prayers I've accumulated on peace, in case you're looking for something appropriate to use. If you have a favorite quote or prayer about peace, I'd LOVE it if you'd share it with me.

"Therefore, strive to show in the human world that women are most capable and efficient, that their hearts are more tender and susceptible than the hearts of men, that they are more philanthropic and responsive toward the needy and suffering, that they are inflexibly opposed to war and are lovers of peace. Strive that the ideal of international peace may become realized through the efforts of womankind, for man is more inclined to war than woman, and a real evidence of woman's superiority will be her service and efficiency in the establishment of universal peace." 'Abdu'l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 284

"Today there is no greater glory for man than that of service in the cause of the "Most Great Peace." Peace is light whereas war is darkness. Peace is life; war is death. Peace is guidance; war is error. Peace is the foundation of God; war is satanic institution. Peace is the illumination of the world of humanity; war is the destroyer of human foundations. When we consider outcomes in the world of existence we find that peace and fellowship are factors of upbuilding and betterment whereas war and strife are the causes of destruction and disintegration. All created things are expressions of the affinity and cohesion of elementary substances, and non-existence is the absence of their attraction and agreement. Various elements unite harmoniously in composition but when these elements become discordant, repelling each other, decomposition and non-existence result. Everything partakes of this nature and is subject to this principle, for the creative foundation in all its degrees and kingdoms is an expression or outcome of love. Consider the restlessness and agitation of the human world today because of war. Peace is health and construction; war is disease and dissolution. When the banner of truth is raised, peace becomes the cause of the welfare and advancement of the human world. In all cycles and ages war has been a factor of derangement and discomfort whereas peace and brotherhood have brought security and consideration of human interests." 'Abdu'l-Bahá

"Briefly, I have traveled this long distance, crossed the Atlantic Ocean to this western continent in the desire and hope that the strongest bond of unity may be established between America and Persia. I know this to be your wish and purpose also and am sure of your cooperation. We shall, therefore, offer supplication in the divine threshold that a great love may take possession of the hearts of men and unite the nations of the world. We will pray that the ensign of international peace may be uplifted and that the oneness of the world of humanity may be realized and accomplished. All this is made possible and practicable through your efforts. May this American democracy be the first nation to establish the foundation of international agreement. May it be the first nation to proclaim the universality of mankind. May it be the first to upraise the standard of the Most Great Peace, and through this nation of democracy may these philanthropic intentions and institutions be spread throughout the world. Truly, this is a great and revered nation. Here liberty has reached its highest degree. The intentions of its people are most praiseworthy. They are, indeed, worthy of being the first to build the Tabernacle of the Most Great Peace and proclaim the oneness of mankind. I will supplicate God for assistance and confirmation in your behalf." 'Abdu'l-Bahá, 1912


Debbie in NC said...

O Great Spirit of our Ancestors, I raise my pipe to you.

To your messengers the four winds, and to Mother Earth who provides
for your children.

Give us the wisdom to teach our children to love, to respect, and to be kind to each other so that they may grow with peace in mind.

Let us learn to share all good things that you provide for us on this Earth.

Native American Prayer for Peace

Ok, Where Was I? said...

A wonderful post! You're awesome, which I already knew. And I would so come over at 8 on Tuesday if I could.