Friday, May 02, 2008

Fav. Foto Friday - Folkmoot Edition!!

You're going to want to come back later to witness the most amazing, adorable, heart warming event you've seen in a while. Here they are all ready for it:
Today was my favorite day of the year - it's Folkmoot at the girls' school. Every year, each class chooses a country and they learn a traditional dance (during p.e.) from that country, as well as creating arts (in art class, of course) reflective of that culture. Then they get together and the whole school performs their dances in front of the whole school and families. It's the most beautiful display of global kinship and unity I've ever seen at a school - and yes, I cry every year at some point.

In honor of Folkmoot [it was inspired by this], I must do a multiple photo posting - there's just no way to capture it in one. ENJOY!!

It begins with the parade of nations, as representatives from each class
come in to show us what countries will be featured.
Some of the countries we saw were:

Pouran danced the Tarantella from Italy
Faith and her older brother, Vahid, check the
program to see what's coming next
As usual, several classes did the United States. We had a tribute to Detroit (Motown), and Gabrielle did the bunny hop
and some fancy moves with her pink cadillac
there was a Native American friendship dance
North Carolina (cloggin' to Cotton-Eyed Joe)
that's the music teacher (in pink) and Faith's teacher from last year leading the class (you can see the assistant teacher ducking out from a cirlce of kids in the back left)
The guaranteed crowd-pleaser, New York, New York
There was also a step dance and a cajun two-step.

And we always end with a cute little number from the teachers.
In total, there were 22 dances. Countries not pictured above:
Portugal, Greece, Mexico, Russia, and Australia.
Man! I LOVE this school!!


foolery said...

THAT'S a keeper!

Debbie in NC said...

Sitting here thinking what a cool way to teach children diversity after just watching "Paper Clip" on Netflix last night...AND...then it hit me..Hello? Dumb Debbie you could attend this event every year if you'd get off your butt!!! So, I have added UNC-TV to my favorites and will quit flipping right by it now!! Thank you and absolutely great pics!

foolery said...

Wow -- I'm so impressed with the costumes! I remember being forced to do folk dances when I was in the 5th grade. The boys HATED it, which made it no fun. Whatever these teachers are doing, hats off to them.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

Crap! What an amazing program. The kids look really into it too, which is fantastic. I'm super impressed.