Thursday, June 05, 2008

Freestylin'... R-R-R-Random

While walking the dogs the other day, I spotted this in the grass and oddly enough, my mouth started watering. No, I'm not on the "starvation diet" - it was one of those forgotten memories from my youth that suddenly came flooding back. You see, I spent some time in the Air Force after high school. Don't believe me? Oooo... scary, huh?!! (Mrs. G, I hope you managed to escape that particular haircut.) One of my favorite Air Force experiences was S.E.R.E. training, which involves:
S. = Survival (how to live off the land)
E. = Evasion (how to avoid being captured in enemy territory)
R. = Resistance (not divulging secrets when they imprison you)
E. = Escape (yeah, right)

For "Survival", we learned cool stuff like: making a tent out of your rain poncho, how to kill and eat rabbits, finding and boiling water when you have NOTHING, the amazing taste of slowly "grilled" (over a lighter or match!) crickets and grasshoppers, figuring out where the heck you are, and, the one that triggered this whole thing, how heavenly it feels to come upon a wild strawberry when you've been subsisting on crickets and grasses for a couple of days!

p.s. the span of time between the Prom photo and the knife photo -
4 months, WOW!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...


Ok, Where Was I? said...

This is a great story. Although the idea of kids learning how to survive torture is kind of scary:)

Gwen said...

Hey! I had that haircut .... in 2nd grade.

Crickets and grasshoppers?!?! You are ready for Survivor, I think.

Mrs. G. said...

I totally had that haircut. You can't get me in the hair dept. I've done everything but crimp.

Debbie in NC said...

I've had that haircut too LOL!! Your were in the Air Force? Me too, of course...

We never had SERE training back then though...thank God! Crickets?

Oh my....

dharmamama said...

I had that haircut, too! Only I was never in the Air Force.

There's something appealing to me about the SERE training... probably because I've never been through it.

Enjoy the slightly cooler weather!