Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today I earned my keep by pruning the overgrown
"bush"(?!) on the corner of our deck.
I also learned that I am, in fact, my father's daughter(pile 2 of clippings - yes, I got a little carried away;
apparently, it's genetic)


Mary Alice said...

My grandfather would get over zealous with the pruning every year...and every year my grandmother would come out, hands on hips to survey the damage and say: "ohhhhh. You've KILLED it, Al." we all say that regardless of the persons name that was doing the pruning.. so may I just say to you, "you've killed it Al."

MamaMo said...

Yes. I think that's in order. :-)

JIm said...

Looks good to me...Daddy :)

Ok, Where Was I? said...

Reminds me of brushing the dog and having an entire dog left over in the discarded hair.

apathy lounge said...

Good thing you don't cut hair for a living. :)